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InGlobal Resources (IGR) was established 2 decades ago with a vision to provide international sourcing to unprivileged customers of their international exposure and resources, at minimum risk with quality products and technology and, above all, the best prices.


IGR has engaged itself in providing integrated & value-added engineering solutions in the iron and steel sector, Building Materials, Electronics, Safety Equipments. It has close relationships with leading international companies and has gained a high reputation and credibility in the domestic market. IGR is working on several projects and facilitating enterprises in bridging the technology gap to arrive at profitable concepts.


IGR’s other activity is manufacturing and distribution of Electronics, Hearable, Wearable products. We are one of the first company in INDIA to have a full-in-house facility to manufacture Electronics, Hearable, Wearable products. We maintain & adopt high quality international standards in our manufacturing process system, enabling us to deliver the best quality & high-technology products.


In order to achieve our vision, we intend to relentlessly apply a policy of high quality solutions provided with world-class products employing state-of-the-art technology, along with the best quality of service to our customers. We keep in constant touch with you and ensure that your systems give a trouble-free performance. We have several affiliates and front offices in other countries to facilitate co-ordination with a strong team of technical and management personnel who are dedicated to providing satisfactory service.

Our greatest aspiration is Prosperity with simplicity – prosperity not only for our business, but for our associates, customers and members as well. It has prevailed throughout our history and outlook, and defines the path we have set ourselves . . . . . The path of success

We believe in phase:

“Coming together is a beginning

                                                Staying together is a progress

                                                                                    Growing together is a Success”


  • Close and strong connections with a number of well known International Research and Design Institutes as well as equipment manufacturers and suppliers.
  • A strong team of technical and management personnel who are dedicated to providing satisfactory service to customers.
  • Affiliates and front offices in the International as well in other countries to facilitate co-ordination.
  • An in-depth understanding to acquire knowledge of emerging technologies in the DRI sponge iron and steel re-rolling industry in both China and India.
  • Complete plant on clean gas from coal gasification, as fuel source.
  • Innovative Technology and plant for Iron Ore Fines Pelletization.
  • Thermal power plant waste Fly Ash utilization proposals for building materials.