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Gas has characteristics of high temperature, low pressure, dust and tar when without cleaning is to be handled. Preheat air temperature for combustion is around 300 degree. Many designs are available depending on furnace size. Except for small size furnace, combustion air is mixed with gas by multi-small stream spray nozzle or a swirl blade which carries gas with formation of swirling gas stream.
Capacity : 80-250 NM³/hr for small size furnace
                 300-1500 NM³/hr for medium size furnace
                 1000-6000 NM³/hr  for flame adjustable burner in Rotary furnace.

Formation of NOx on fuel combustion has relationship to combustion mode.

Raising of Combustion air (preheated) temperature and control of Burner parameters are the effective measures. Designs of Burners have adopted two-stage air distribution in such low NOx burner with less cost. Burner itself has valves to regulate primary air quantity and the secondary one which is the combustion air.

Models are for Combustion air temp up to 450 degree C

With inner heat insulation, Modules available are for air temp. max. 700 degree
Dual Fuel Burner are designed to suitably link above with attachment for fuel oil gun, where oil is separately atomized with pressurized air or steam.

Capacity :  10 to 500 x 10,000 Kcal /hr

Energy saving Burner providing stoichiometric combustion improves furnace efficiency along with improvement in productivity-control inside the furnace maintains uniformity of temperature, and scaling loss is reduced while yield is improved. Co –ordinate control of firing rate, fuel and air demand is provided by PLC system and allows the operator to interact with combustion process and temperature control inside the fur nace.

Regenerative Burners with high temperature air combustion technology based in producer gas.

Advantages :

  1. Low NOx emission
  2. Reduced Oxidation Burning Loss Better Fuel efficiency.